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This Sunday
January 13th, 2012
04:52 PM ET

This Sunday

This Sunday on “State of the Union”— the presidential campaign is in full swing, and we’re covering every angle.

First, an interview with Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick PerryAfter deciding to stay in the race and compete in South Carolina, how well must he do in the Palmetto state to continue his campaign?  We’ll ask him.

Then, the White House says it’s not in campaign mode just yet, but the release of the president’s fund-raising numbers this week say otherwise.  We ask senior campaign strategist David Axelrod about the president’s plan for re-election and their focus on current GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.

Sen. John McCain, who endorsed Mitt Romney the day after the Iowa caucuses, sits down with Candy to reflect on the race as well as his own experiences in South Carolina (a state he won) just four years ago.

And we talk to two South Carolina evangelical leaders, Bob Jones III,  chancellor Bob Jones University and Reverend Brad Atkins, president South Carolina Baptist Convention about their influence in the primary.

Sneak Peek for October 30th...
October 27th, 2011
04:26 PM ET

Sneak Peek for October 30th...

As always, we’re keeping an eye (sometimes both) on the presidential field and there’s a lot to look at this week.

Rick Perry caused a stir earlier this week, calling into question President Obama’s citizenship. Perry first said it’s “fun to poke fun at” Obama, but then backed away from the long-refuted accusation.

Mitt Romney didn’t exactly win over Ohio conservatives on Tuesday when he refused to express his support for a ballot initiative that curbs collective bargaining rights for Buckeye State employees. But once Perry pounced on the non-committal stance, Romney affirmed his support for the ballot initiative and apologized for any confusion.

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