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March 30th, 2014
10:21 AM ET

Feinstein: Time is of the essence

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN's Candy Crowley that telecommunication companies have not yet agreed to hold phone data and a bill might be needed for them to do so.  Lawmakers have 90 days to act on President Obama's NSA data collection proposal.

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Dilemmas of the Internet age
March 29th, 2014
12:29 PM ET

Dilemmas of the Internet age

By CNN's Deena Zaru

In a world of smart phones and smart cars, the Internet is no longer limited to your desktop; it follows you wherever you go. And as long as you are online, you could potentially be tracked at all times.

While all eyes are on the National Security Agency's bulk collection of data, a thriving economy built on mass consumer surveillance is growing. Companies are collecting information about consumers in order to sell ads more effectively.

Some of the most commonly visited sites use tracking cookies and sophisticated software through third parties to collect information about consumers and sell it to advertisers, often times without the consumer’s permission.

New technologies and a heightened level of sharing on multiple outlets have led to moral and practical dilemmas that confront consumers, the tech industry, retailers, even the government. FULL POST

January 26th, 2014
11:37 AM ET

Sen. Rand Paul suing Obama admin over NSA spying

Sen. Rand Paul R-KY is filing a law suit against the Obama administration over its controversial NSA policies.

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January 19th, 2014
01:40 PM ET

Rogers: NSA reforms "uncertainty" could hamper security

Rep. Mike Rogers says "uncertainty" in NSA reforms is already having "an impact on our ability to protect Americans".

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December 22nd, 2013
04:35 PM ET

Sen. Manchin: Big Brother is truly watching you

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) on the NSA's secret surveillance program and whether the government is over-reaching.

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SOTU Scoop
December 18th, 2013
05:32 PM ET

SOTU Scoop

By Tracey Webb [twitter-follow screen_name='WebbWriterguru']

Get your daily scoop of what State of the Union is watching today, December 13, 2013.

1. Reining in the NSA. An outside review panel appointed by President Obama is recommending changes in the way the National Security Agency conducts surveillance. Among the panel's 46 recommendation, is a call to end the mass storage of Americans' phone records by the government. The group instead wants to see that information turned over to and kept by private third-parties. The review panel also wants greater judicial review and more public transparency of NSA actions. Both President Obama and the NSA have been under fire since Edward Snowden leaked documents detailing the wide scope of the agency's snooping. The President is expected to announce a series of reforms in the way the NSA does business in January.


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October 27th, 2013
10:52 AM ET

Intel Chair: Accusations of U.S. spying 'disingenuous'

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) discusses recent reports of U.S. spying of allied leaders.

Rogers told Candy Crowley today in an exclusive interview that the U.S. and its European counterparts, including Germany, are still close friends and allies but that necessary information must be collected because, “sometimes our friends have relationships with our adversaries.” Rogers also said that European nations need to have “a better oversight structure” and if they did, “they would be enlightened to find out what their intelligence services may or may not be doing.”

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August 18th, 2013
02:48 PM ET

Serious concerns about the NSA

Congressman Chris Van Hollen says the Patriot Act and FISA law should be changed.

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August 11th, 2013
10:40 AM ET

Clyburn: no 'blank check' for the NSA

Rep. Clyburn said Sunday that the NSA should not have a "blank check" when it comes to government surveillance.

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