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May 18th, 2014
02:39 PM ET

Should fracking be legal in California?

Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) on whether fracking should be legal in his state and the impact on climate change.

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May 18th, 2014
02:17 PM ET

Recreational reefer in California?

Governor Jerry Brown on whether California will consider legalizing recreational marijuana as well.

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November 12th, 2012
11:31 PM ET

Gov Brown: Obama won on American's "aspirations"

CA Gov. Jerry Brown on the election results, Obama's winning coalition and the future for Democrats.



Watch the full interview here.

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November 12th, 2012
11:19 PM ET

CA Gov Brown on taxes, God and Caesar

CA Gov. Jerry Brown on his state's tax hike passage and whether it means the start of nationwide tax increase sweep.

Watch the full interview here.

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September 9th, 2012
10:44 AM ET

Gov. Jerry Brown on Obama's first term

California Governor Jerry Brown on President Obama's first term, the DNC convention, and what he thinks of the President's plans to boost the economy.

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This Sunday...
September 7th, 2012
06:36 PM ET

This Sunday...

Candy is back in Washington this week for “State of the Union.”

The conventions gave us two distinct visions of the government’s role in America’s future, and the fall campaign will be a debate over which vision America wants.

We’ll have an exclusive interview with Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) about the tough fiscal choices he’s making to keep California on track and the political minefield that goes along with it.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich went head-to-head with Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. He’s here to discuss how Mitt Romney can stop Barack Obama’s biggest weapon.

“Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Mitt Romney is asking that question amid another troubling economic report. We’ll talk to Democratic Convention speaker and the co-founder of CarMax, Austin Ligon, and Former Bush Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.

And finally, we’ll preview the week’s political talking points with Peter Baker of The New York Times and A.B Stoddard of “The Hill”

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December 25th, 2011
10:01 AM ET

The best of 'Getting to Know'

A look back at our "Getting to Know" series, a place to learn more about the personal side of the news-makers who come on our program every Sunday.

August 7th, 2011
09:15 AM ET

The full Jerry Brown interview [online exclusive]

Above, watch part one of Candy's extensive interview with Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Then, click here to watch the second half of it in which Brown says he'll "erode the university [of California], the safety net, the roads, the firefighting, the prisons, the jails" if his state's residents aren't willing to pay more in taxes.

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August 6th, 2011
02:51 PM ET

Getting To Know Gov. Jerry Brown

On this week's Getting To Know we learn about greeting royalty and California's First Dog, Sutter.

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This Sunday on State of the Union...
August 5th, 2011
02:41 PM ET

This Sunday on State of the Union...

With a plunging stock market and woeful unemployment numbers, are we heading toward a double dip recession? Where does the economy go from here? We’ll ask Steve Forbes, the CEO of Forbes Incorporated and Pres. Obama’s former top economic adviser, Larry Summers.

Then, Candy sits down with California Gov. Jerry Brown in his first national interview since his election last year. He says he’s “alarmed” at the state of the country. What is he doing to turn things around in California, and what does he think President Obama should be doing for the country?

We’ll also break down the last minute deal to avert a fiscal crisis and raise the country’s debt ceiling. Which side—if any—came out ahead, and where do things go from here? The so-called “super committee” of members from both bodies of Congress will have less than three months to reach a compromise. Is that possible? We’ll ask former White House communications director Anita Dunn and former Republican congressman Tom Davis.

And finally, we’ll discuss the brutal violence taking place inside Syria and alleged cyber attacks emanating from China with Vice Adm. Mike McConnell, former director of national intelligence.

And check out our pre-show rundown here.

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