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February 9th, 2014
12:33 PM ET

Sen. Rand Paul takes on the Clintons

The Kentucky senator takes on the Clintons. Is he looking toward a 2016 White House run?

January 5th, 2014
04:00 PM ET

2014: Reboot or repeat of 2013?

Will 2014 just be 2013 on repeat or a reboot? Our political panel on 2014 midterms, GOP chances and Obama's presidency.

January 5th, 2014
02:13 PM ET

Pot politics

Colorado cashes in big on legalizing weed. Our panel's take on pot politics.

October 27th, 2013
12:26 PM ET

Shaq endorses Gov. Chris Christie

Candy Crowley chats with her "State of the Union" panel about the state of politics in New Jersey and Virginia.

October 27th, 2013
12:24 PM ET

Obama moving focus away from Obamacare?

"State of The Union" panel discusses the current political message in Washington, including healthcare and immigration.

September 15th, 2013
01:28 PM ET

Before and after Syria

Our panel talks about the effects of the Syrian crisis on the Obama presidency and his ability to push legislation through.

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September 15th, 2013
01:27 PM ET

Deal reached on Syria

Our political panel talks to Candy about the ups and downs of the Obama administration's handling of Syria.

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September 1st, 2013
11:44 AM ET

The Politics of Syria

Donna Brazile, David Frum, Ross Douthat, and Cornell Belcher discuss the President's actions on Syria.

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August 25th, 2013
01:40 PM ET

Debating the 'I-word:' Impeachment

While Congressional Republicans meet with their constituents on President Obama’s health reform law, one faced a different question: should the president be impeached?

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, allowed the president was a “personal friend” but said his actions in office were becoming “perilously close” to the standard for impeachment.

Former GOP official Carly Fiorina said on CNN’s “State of the Union” she thinks it “foolish” to discuss impeachment.

“But what he went on to say was that in his view this president has been incompetent in key matters. I think many people would agree with that,” she said. “And then secondly, that the executive branch has used power in a way that is arbitrary, capricious, and in many people's views, unconstitutional.”

Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher, who worked for Obama’s campaigns, replied, “you can make that argument with every president.”

Does the discussion help or hurt Republicans? Watch the video for the full debate, and see below for the panel's views on how Obama is handling Syria.

July 28th, 2013
11:48 AM ET

Future of the GOP

The future of the republican party with Rep. Peter King, Paul Begala, Cornell Belcher, Ana Navarro and Chris Plante.