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February 9th, 2014
12:33 PM ET

Sen. Rand Paul takes on the Clintons

The Kentucky senator takes on the Clintons. Is he looking toward a 2016 White House run?

September 22nd, 2013
11:17 AM ET

The Clintons take center stage

Al Cardenas, Kevin Madden, Joe Lockhart and Donna Brazile discuss the Clinton family's political future.

The Clintons: Back in the spotlight
May 2nd, 2013
03:17 PM ET

The Clintons: Back in the spotlight

Chalk up another milestone for Bill And Hillary Clinton.  The powerful political duo is returning to Arkansas for Friday's dedication of the Bill And Hillary Clinton National Airport.  The Little Rock airport will be the first in the United States to be named for a president and first lady.


December 16th, 2012
04:35 PM ET

Presidents as Comforter-in-Chief

In the face of national tragedy, presidents put words to a collective grief. A look at presidents as comforter in chiefs.

September 2nd, 2012
10:23 AM ET

Bill Clinton's long convention history

Fmr. President Bill Clinton has spoken at six straight Democratic conventions. This week's will be his 7th in 24 years.

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