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March 23rd, 2014
02:29 PM ET

Why "modern" plane technology fails

The pitfalls of relying on outdated airline technology in the MH370 search and what can be done with Rep. Patrick Meehan, pilot Sean Cassidy and journalist Stephen Trimble.

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March 23rd, 2014
01:38 PM ET

U.S. "frustration" in working with Malaysia

Rep. Pat Meehan of the Homeland Security Committee, talks of U.S. "frustration" in working with Malaysia to find MH370.

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March 16th, 2014
02:48 PM ET

Jet disappearance 'unprecedented'

Our expert panel says it is 'unprecedented' for a plane to go missing for this amount of time in the modern jet era.

March 16th, 2014
02:33 PM ET

Will the mystery of Flight 370 be solved?

Our experts Colleen Keller, Steven Wallace, Chad Sweet, Richard Aboulafia on the mystery of missing flight 370.

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SOTU EXTRA: What is the black box?
March 16th, 2014
06:42 AM ET

SOTU EXTRA: What is the black box?

By Paige Hymson

Amid the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, analysts and investigators often point to the need to find the “black box” to help determine what happened to the missing airliner. Monday marks the 61st anniversary of the invention of the black box by Australian researcher David Warren, a device that has provided critical in finding clues from former crashes.


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