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March 9th, 2014
12:53 PM ET

Who's Afraid of Vladimir Putin?

Does the crisis in Ukraine and the the standoff with Russia give the GOP a chance to hit the President on foreign policy?

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February 9th, 2014
12:33 PM ET

Sen. Rand Paul takes on the Clintons

The Kentucky senator takes on the Clintons. Is he looking toward a 2016 White House run?

October 27th, 2013
12:26 PM ET

Shaq endorses Gov. Chris Christie

Candy Crowley chats with her "State of the Union" panel about the state of politics in New Jersey and Virginia.

October 27th, 2013
12:24 PM ET

Obama moving focus away from Obamacare?

"State of The Union" panel discusses the current political message in Washington, including healthcare and immigration.

This Sunday...
June 14th, 2013
03:35 PM ET

This Sunday...

The White House will boost support for rebel groups after Syria crossed a “red line” by using chemical weapons. Republicans want more decisive action. We’ll look at the game plan for U.S. involvement in Syria with two key decision makers: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) and an exclusive interview with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

Then, our political panel on the remaining hurdles to immigration reform with Peter Baker of “The New York Times,” Nia-Malika Henderson of “The Washington Post,” Ray Suarez of PBS’ “The NewsHour” and A.B. Stoddard from “The Hill” newspaper.

Plus, an update on those elusive IRS transcripts we were promised.

Sunday 9a & 12p ET

This Sunday...
February 1st, 2013
07:34 PM ET

This Sunday...

On “State of the Union,” Candy Crowley talks with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey about Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearings, the U.S.. troop draw-down in Afghanistan and the al Qaeda threat in north Africa.

Then, the economy’s mixed signals, immigration reform and President Obama’s domestic policy agenda with former Obama policy adviser Melody Barnes, former Labor secretary Elaine Chao, Time magazine’s Michael Duffy and The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard.

Plus, a super bowl Sunday conversation about the dangers of football with Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward.

And, former football player and Fmr. Sen. George Allen on the lessons of politics and football.

Sunday at 9a & 12p eastern.

Watch a special preview about Sunday's program here.

December 2nd, 2012
11:15 AM ET

Frontrunners for election 2016

Carly Fiorina, Governor Brian Schweitzer (D Montana),  Susan Page, and A.B. Stoddard weigh in on 2016's frontrunners.

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This Sunday...
November 30th, 2012
04:17 PM ET

This Sunday...

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner makes the administration’s case for averting the fiscal cliff. Then, reaction from two key Senators: “Gang of 8” member Mark Warner (D-VA) and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R- NH). Plus, the fight over U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice and the fallout over the 9-11 Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead.

Then, our roundtable on cabinet reshuffling, and the fiscal cliff. Joining us: Former Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina, Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-Montana), USA Today’s Susan Page, and A.B. Stoddard of The Hill.

Watch Sunday at 9 a.m. & NOON ET.

September 9th, 2012
12:40 PM ET

Do strong speeches convert into votes?

New York Times Peter Baker and The Hill's A.B. Stoddard weigh in on how the RNC and DNC conventions will impact the 2012 election.

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This Sunday...
September 7th, 2012
06:36 PM ET

This Sunday...

Candy is back in Washington this week for “State of the Union.”

The conventions gave us two distinct visions of the government’s role in America’s future, and the fall campaign will be a debate over which vision America wants.

We’ll have an exclusive interview with Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) about the tough fiscal choices he’s making to keep California on track and the political minefield that goes along with it.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich went head-to-head with Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. He’s here to discuss how Mitt Romney can stop Barack Obama’s biggest weapon.

“Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Mitt Romney is asking that question amid another troubling economic report. We’ll talk to Democratic Convention speaker and the co-founder of CarMax, Austin Ligon, and Former Bush Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.

And finally, we’ll preview the week’s political talking points with Peter Baker of The New York Times and A.B Stoddard of “The Hill”

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