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Sunday on SOTU
March 21st, 2014
07:12 PM ET

Sunday on SOTU

The long wait for answers about what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 pushes into its third week. We’ll take a look at what went wrong, plus the potential for new technology to make finding a missing plane easier, from streaming black boxes to real time cockpit audio. We’ll talk with lawmakers – Rep. Patrick Meehan and Rep. Adam Schiff - who have studied the issue and think it’s high time to move beyond the 1960s technology. Plus, we’ll talk with a pilot about what hesitations there may be to the new technology.

With a search area over two million square miles, questions persist if the plane will ever be found. We’ll talk with experts in ocean drift pattern and tide currents to find out what goes into figuring out the clues that can lead to where the plane went down. Plus, underwater search and rescue expert Curt Newport, who helped find the Challenger Space Shuttle and TWA Flight 800, on how they retrieve vital information if and when the plane is found.

And turning our attention to the family members whose loved–ones are missing, we’ll talk with the Reverend Earl Johnson, former National Disaster Spiritual Care Manager for the Red Cross, about what the families of the missing go through during these events.

Then, the breakdown in U.S.- Russia relations may just be starting. We’ll talk with the White House Deputy National Security Adviser, Tony Blinken, about whether there’s a diplomatic way to reset the relationship. Plus, Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright on what the Crimea annexation means for Russia’s cooperation with ending the war in Syria and sealing a deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

And our panel political panel - Newt Gingrich, USA Today’s Susan Page and Neera Tanden – on the White House’s big push to get people enrolled in ObamaCare, and what the March 31st numbers could mean for the numbers in Congress on November 4th.

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SOTU Scoop
March 21st, 2014
04:40 PM ET

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1.  The search for MH370. Efforts came up empty after a day of scouring an area off the coast of western Australia. Search planes were focusing on two objects in the southern Indian Ocean that were photographed by a satellite, but no debris from the Malaysian jetliner was found. Meanwhile, the plane's flight data recorders have a little over two weeks of life left. They contain critical information about the plane's location and what happened during its flight path. But there are growing calls for airliners to ditch the so-called black boxes for live streaming flight data. We'll discuss the search for Flight 370 and lessons already learned from the mystery Sunday on State of the Union.


March 21st, 2014
03:11 PM ET

Fergie: 'Shocked by L'Wren Scott's death

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas talks to Candy Crowley about the shocking death of friend L'Wren Scott.

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