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SOTU Scoop
February 5th, 2014
04:50 PM ET

SOTU Scoop

By Tracey Webb [twitter-follow screen_name='WebbWriterguru']

Get your daily scoop of what State of the Union is watching today, February 5, 2014.

1. House GOP softening debt limit stance. After indicating they would demand conditions in return for raising the nation's debt ceiling, House Republican leaders are now abandoning two of their leading ideas. They won't be requiring the approval of the Keystone pipeline, or the repeal of an Obamacare provision that would reimburse insurance companies for certain high risk plans. Apparently neither proposal has majority support in the GOP caucus, even though many Republicans are opposed to raising the debt limit on principle. President Obama and Democrats are demanding a "clean" debt bill and say they won't negotiate raising the limit. "I don't advocate some sort of scorched earth process, but I do advocate that let's come up with some common sense structural reforms, said Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas). "A clean debt ceiling I think is capitulation."