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SOTU Scoop
December 4th, 2013
05:13 PM ET

SOTU Scoop

By Tracey Webb [twitter-follow screen_name='WebbWriterguru']

Get your daily scoop of what State of the Union is watching today, December 4, 2013.

1. The President pivots. Back on offense over the Affordable Care Act, the president is citing the health care law as part of his vision for strengthening the economy and the social safety net. In a speech at the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress, President Obama outlined his economic priorities for the next three years, calling income inequality "the most defining challenge of our time" and urging an increase in the federal minimum wage. He also challenged Republicans to offer their own proposals for solving the nation's problems instead of simply opposing his plans. "If you still don't like Obamacare and I know you don't, even though its built on marketplace ideas of choice and competition in the private sector – you should explain how, exactly, you cut costs and cover more people and make insurance more secure," said Obama. "You owe it to the American people to tell us what you are for not just what you are against."