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"I love cemeteries"
The author loves to find cemeteries wherever she is, even halfway around the word in Alesund, Norway.
September 26th, 2013
11:36 AM ET

"I love cemeteries"

By Jen Buesinger, CNN [twitter-follow screen_name='jenbuesinger']

It's a macabre fascination, I know, but I have a secret to share… I love cemeteries. People are mostly horrified when they hear this.  “Creepy” and “Weird” are two common words.  I prefer “fascinating”.

It’s a walk through history where I can daydream about the historical events that coincided with average people’s lives. I imagine someone seeing electricity for the first time, or indoor plumbing, or cars.  If they served in war, what must that have been like?  What sort of horrors did these people witnesses that have been lost to time? FULL POST

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