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Sunday on State of the Union
August 16th, 2013
08:46 PM ET

Sunday on State of the Union

Days of rage in Egypt, as hundreds are killed in clashes between the country’s military forces and supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsy. Should the U.S. cut its military aid to Egypt? Senator John McCain shares his thoughts in our Sunday exclusive. Plus, insight from former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Ned walker and Middle East analyst Jon Alterman.

One week after President Obama promised to make the country’s national surveillance program more transparent, an explosive new report that the NSA repeatedly broke privacy rules has surfaced. We’ll talk with Rep. Justin Amash, who led the unsuccessful fight to defund the program and Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

Plus, is the Republican Party expanding its tent or doubling down on conservative stances? Our political panel of Grover Norquist, Donna Brazile, Mo Elleithee and Cheri Jacobus tell us what they think about GOP’s way forward.

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