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July 14th, 2013
02:04 PM ET

SOTU Crib Sheet for July 14

The verdict in the George Zimmerman trial ignited a national debate on race and civil rights. Today on “State of the Union,” NAACP President Ben Jealous told us “it feels so off that our young people have to fear the bad guys and the good guys.” Governors Rick Perry (R-TX) and Pat Quinn (D-IL) weighed in on the verdict, and their ongoing battles with state lawmakers. Perry defended the controversial abortion bill that passed the Texas legislature last week saying it isn’t anti-women. Congressmen Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Chaka Fattah (D-PA) told us about their conversations with president Obama this week.

Ben Jealous, President and CEO, NAACP on Race and Civil Rights
“We're upset with a situation in this country where as Black people, as Black parents, parents raising Black boys, Black girls in society, that it feels so off that our young people have to fear the bad guys and the good guys. The robbers and the cops and the self-appointed community watch volunteer who thinks that they're keeping folks safer.”

Ben Jealous, President and CEO, NAACP on conversations with AG Eric Holder
“We have talked to senior people on [Holder’s] team. And we are glad that what they began months, you know, months back continues which is a serious reviewing of everything that came out in this case, everything that was known before this case if this moves into a civil phase, they will review all that comes out in that and then they will make a choice about whether or not they will pursue criminal civil rights charges.”

Ben Jealous, President and CEO, NAACP on the Zimmerman Verdict
“I think we should, frankly, right now, be celebrating the fact that we've seen a generation of young people respond by using our system. Raising their voices, yes but not using their fists.”

Chaka Fattah (D-PA), Congressional Black Caucus member, on the Zimmerman Verdict
“…if you take race out of this, would you have as a young person who died going to buy candy was innocent, was not involved in any criminal activity and a person who officials had asked not to follow him took a gun and killed him. And now, that person will get his gun back. George Zimmerman will get that gun back. He will be out, and I think the notion that the jury is saying to him that if he did the same thing again today, or tomorrow, or next week, or someone else did it that there would be no punishment is not a great signal to send.”

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) on the Texas abortion measure
“Most people I think in this country and in Texas certainly believe that six months is too late to be deciding whether or not these babies should be aborted or not and we put the limit at 5 months in this bill.”

Governor Pat Quinn (D-Il) on the Zimmerman verdict
“It's important that we really look at this stand your ground law. I don't think that's a good law. We don't have it in Illinois, and we don't want it. And I think also the idea of individuals with guns that are concealed that are told by the police not to do something, violating that police order, there's something really wrong when that happens. And I think lots and lots of people across our country feel that way.”

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