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March 14th, 2013
05:23 PM ET

Ask Candy!

Candy answers your questions in this week's Ask Candy. Thanks for all the questions and check back next week for your chance to Ask Candy.

Facebook question from James Mills:
If you could interview 3 people from history, who would it be? Why?

– Amelia Earhart because as a young girl I found her story so fascinating and I want to know for sure what happened to her, where she crashed and how it happened.

– Martin Luther King because I want to ask him what he thinks of 2013.

– And Albert Einstein because I'd like to see if I could carry on a conversation with him.

Facebook question from Ryan Himes:
What was your first job in the industry and what education/skills did you acquire before hand for your resume?

I was a newsroom assistant at a local Washington, DC FM radio station. As part of the job, I did the morning rounds of police and fireman calls to see what had happened overnight. Since the Washington area has multiple jurisdictions, this was my first opportunity to learn the art of developing a source, which quite honestly comes down to trust, yours for your sources and your sources for you. It was also when I first realized that perhaps the most important news tip you can get from a source is what they won’t say. The hole in information is what you take to the next source.

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Facebook question from Amy Edmonds:
Do you think Romney would have won if not for the 47% video?

No. I think election results are multi-determined. The 47 percent video fed into existing criticism that Gov. Romney’s comfort zone was limited to people in his tax bracket and it was revealed late in the campaign (September), even though it was shot in May, so it was damaging, but it was one of a thousand cuts.

Facebook question from Marvin Cranfield:
What do you think it will take for Democrats to start winning US House seats in TN, AL, GA, and MS?

Okay, let me readily admit that I have not completely studied those delegations and districts recently, but it is a truism of that the south- and especially the deep south– has been a tough place for congressional democrats for decades. Regional politics tend to change glacially (the south was once solidly democratic) but I have always believed the right candidate can transcend party labels. So the answer is, it will take the right candidate and/or time.

Facebook question from Lucy Gettmann:
As you know, March is Women's History Month. Did you have any women role models in the field of journalism, and if so, who were they?

I didn’t really grow up wanting to be a journalist, but I have plenty of role models now. Love the persistence of Lisa Myers (NBC), the absolute professionalism of Judy Woodruff (PBS), the elegant dedication to the best of journalism from Gwen Ifill (PBS). And no matter where you come in on the spectrum, Maureen Dowd is an amazing writer with the ability to turn a phrase that tells an entire story. She wows me with bon mots.

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