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June 13th, 2012
04:53 PM ET

ASK CANDY: From the AG to sports forecasting

Candy answers your questions in this week's Ask Candy – everything from the Attorney General and Dodd-Frank to the Grateful Dead and the Kansas City Chiefs chances next year. Thanks for all the questions and check next week for our Ask Candy questions.

Twitter Question from: Randy J. Tolen
Candy, does the pressure and allegations pending against Holder render him ineffective as our AG?

“Ineffective” is a strong word, so my short answer is no. The Attorney General isn’t a newbie and understands that Washington is a political hot house. So to a certain extent, his wrangling with Congress comes with the territory and he understood that when he took the job. I do think it can’t help but be a pretty big distraction and a constant pressure. Testifying before Congress takes preparation and Holder is a regular up there, largely because of the “Fast and Furious” scandal. He is now under threat of a House contempt citation and told the Senate Judiciary Committee within the last 24 hours that he wants to find a compromise in the dispute over withheld documents in response to a congressional subpoena, which also takes time and attention.

Twitter Question from: Anthony Treble
Do you feel sometimes media is a catalyst of only hot button issues, and doesn't follow up to keep leaders accountable?

Anthony T,
I wish I knew the specifics which prompt your question, but let me just say this: I don’t know a good reporter anywhere who isn’t frustrated and or disappointed from time to time about their own work and the job in general. There will never be enough time between now and the deadline to reach “perfect”. There will always be things you miss, the question you should have asked, the phone call you should have made. Hopefully, you get better.

Facebook Question from: Carl Strickland
Any chance Congress will repeal Glass/Steagall and cover the loopholes in Dodd-Frank?

Carl S,
You have me way outside my comfort zone (eg: the ins and outs of banking regulations), but let me answer on what is terra firma for me: The politics of this year make it all but impossible for anything major to happen on Capitol Hill. I do know that many of the provisions in Dodd-Frank (designed to prevent the kind of meltdown we saw in 2008-2009) are still in the rule-writing phase which is fraught with politics, lobbyists, and bureaucracy. As for Glass/Steagall, I am told it was repealed in 1999 at the urging of then President Clinton who wanted to step back the regs that separated commercial and investment banks.

Facebook Question from: Kyle Hunter
Do you ever wish you reported news other than politics?

Kyle H,
Over my career, I have covered pretty much every beat you can imagine, but yes, I often look at other stories now and think “I wish I were covering that”. I am particularly drawn to crime stories for some reason, maybe because the first thing I did in journalism was make the local overnight crime calls to police and fire stations for a small radio station where I worked. Maybe because in my next life I’d like to be a homicide detective.

Facebook Question from: Jon Regas
Is it true that you like(d) the band The Grateful Dead and did you ever see any of their concerts?

Jon R,
I love The Grateful Dead. I saw one concert (this will come as news to my Mom and will horrify her even today, so please try not to mention it to her). I have to say though that overall I am a bigger fan of Pink Floyd and, more contemporaneously, Phish.

Twitter Question from: Tasos Neofotistos
Will the contraction of middle class wealth mentioned in a study this week be attributed to Obama's policies or Bush's?

I’m not trying to be glib when I say, it depends on who is doing the attributing. The study runs from 2007-2010, covering the last part of President Bush’s second term and the first part of President Obama”s second term.

Twitter Question from: Jonah V. Grotz
Do you think Matt Cassel can lead the Chiefs to a playoff win this year? If so, why?

I’m not a sports fan, but my household is full of them and they are... wait for it... huge Chiefs fans (also Cowboys and Redskins). So here you go:
Cassel definitely can lead the Chiefs to the playoffs. Last year was just not indicative of how strong the team is because they suffered so many injuries (Charles, Moeaki, Berry). We are big fans of Moeaki in my Hawkeye household. I think Charles takes a lot of pressure off the passing game which helps Cassel manage the game better. I can’t help but feel Charles is anxious to prove himself as a star after a year out with an injury.
Add in the pick up of Peyton Hillis, tight end Kevin Boss (who helped the Giants to the Superbowl) and the continued development of Baldwin and I just think The Chiefs can cook. They also have that new offensive coordinator and let’s face it, finished the season strong under Romeo. Afterall, they ruined Green Bay’s shot at a perfect season... so the talent is clearly there. Chief management is obviously bullish on Cassel, passing up the chance to draft Foles out of Arizona (we are also half a Wildcat household). One caveat: the division will be a lot harder to win if Manning plays at pre-injury levels

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