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SOTU Sneak Peek for Thursday, April 26
April 26th, 2012
03:53 PM ET

SOTU Sneak Peek for Thursday, April 26

There is no shortage of stories dominating the news this week, but what will be leading the headlines on Sunday morning? These are some of the stories we are looking at this week.

One day after President Obama returned from three swing state rallies, House Speaker John Boehner lashed out at him for acting “beneath the dignity of the White House.” He suggested the Obama campaign should “pony up” and reimburse the federal government for the expenses of his trip to North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa.

Obama made the trip to three college campuses to push Congress to extend student loan interest rates that were halved to 3.4 percent during the Bush administration. On Wednesday, Republicans announced a plan to extend the low interest rate, and Democrats accused the plan of draining funds for women’s programs to pay for it.

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