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This Sunday...
November 18th, 2011
05:35 PM ET

This Sunday...

This Sunday on “State of the Union with Candy Crowley”, an exclusive interview with the co-chair of the “super committee,” democratic Senator Patty Murray, as the committee vows to work through the weekend to reach a deal. Will we see any progress, and what happens if there’s no deal? We’ll get her thoughts.

Also, republican Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) says the Democrats, and in particular President Obama, would be happy if there’s no deal because it “helps his campaign,” we’ll talk to the Tea Party-backed senator about it.

Plus, a wide ranging interview with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who has authored a memoir on her time in the George W. Bush administration titled “No Higher Honor.” We’ll ask her about Syria, Afghanistan, and the Republican presidential candidates’ foreign policy views.

And finally, republican strategist Rich Galen, and former Pennsylvania republican Rep. Robert Walker, weigh in on the career and electability of newly minted top-tier GOP candidate, Newt Gingrich.

It promises to be a great show. Tune in Sunday at 9AM & NOON ET.

November 18th, 2011
01:38 PM ET

Getting to Know Condoleezza Rice

Learn the meaning of Condoleezza Rice's name and how she initially thought George W. Bush had no chance to be president.

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