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SOTU Sneak Peek for October 16th
October 12th, 2011
06:16 PM ET

SOTU Sneak Peek for October 16th

It’s only Wednesday, and it’s already a news-packed week.

There’s the foiled Iranian assassination attempt of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. on American soil, a plot the Iranian government denies.  What kind of pressure will the U.S. put on Iran in response?

Another GOP debate, and once again Mitt Romney emerges unscathed.  Everyone had a new target:  Herman Cain and his “9-9-9” plan. His defense of it on our show Sunday apparently did not deter his GOP rivals from taking a few swipes.

President Obama’s jobs plan failed a critical vote in the Senate on Tuesday,  and Democrats will likely try to move it forward in pieces.  When will a jobs plan pass Congress?

Stay tuned, we’re making calls to get the best names on the most interesting stories.

We’ll also be on air an extra hour this Sunday to bring you a special, “Building the Dream” on the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication.  We’ll bring you the best of the ceremony, as well as live coverage of President Obama’s speech commemorating the event and the life of Dr. King.  That’s this Sunday at 11am ET.