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This Sunday on State of the Union...
September 30th, 2011
06:44 PM ET

This Sunday on State of the Union...

With the death of a top, U.S. born, al Qaeda leader, Anwar Al-Awlaki, we’ll be joined by  former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, a former State Department official and national security advocate, Liz Cheney.

Then, we'll be joined by former NSA and CIA Director, Gen. Michael Hayden and former congresswoman, Jane Harman who served in the House Intelligence Committee for many years.

And to wrap things up, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour weighs in on the 2012 presidential race.  Barbour, a major figure in the Republican Party seriously considered running for president this year.

It’s all happening this Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union at 9am/12pm ET.

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