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SOTU Sneak Peek for September 4th...
August 31st, 2011
04:00 PM ET

SOTU Sneak Peek for September 4th...

It’s Wednesday, but our work week has just begun. Here’s a few things we’re talking about today. News changes fast though, so don’t count on us talking about everything here on Sunday

President Obama is back from vacation and Congress’ August recess is almost over; the focus is once again turning to jobs. GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman revealed his jobs plan this afternoon; the largest labor union in the country, the AFL-CIO, published its plan this morning; and President Obama has asked to address a joint session of Congress on September 7 so he can roll out his proposals before the American people.
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One week after a quarter of the country endured both an earthquake and a hurricane, there’s fresh debate over whether funding for FEMA’s relief efforts ought to be offset by cuts elsewhere in the federal budget. House Majority Whip Eric Cantor advocates for that position. Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a GOP presidential candidate, thinks we should just eliminate FEMA from the budget all together.
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September is home to three Republican presidential debates and many of the candidates have begun to shown their willingness to criticize their opponents. You won’t see most of them spending time anywhere other than the first three states to pick a candidate – Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

There’s a lot happening this week, and we’re working to pull it all together for you. Add a comment below and let us know what you think. We’ll have a guest list for you on Friday.

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