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July 1st, 2011
05:24 PM ET
This Sunday on State of the Union...
July 1st, 2011
03:04 PM ET

This Sunday on State of the Union...

First we’ll talk to Sen. John McCain from his trip around the Middle East.

Then a special of State of the Union on "Making it in America." We examine the struggle to achieve the American Dream in today's economic and social environment with some of today's leading voices. First, how to create jobs with AOL co-founder and Chair of the White House Startup America Partnership, Steve Case. Then, have we become a nation of renters? We'll ask Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan. Harlem Children's Zone CEO Geoffrey Canada gives us his take on the American education system, and we talk about the challenge parents face today in saving for both retirement and their children's future with personal finance expert Suze Orman. And, we look at the American Dream achieved with entrepreneur Russell Simmons.

Finally, we check in with some lawmakers to ask them: "What does the American dream mean to you?"

July 1st, 2011
01:35 PM ET

Getting To Know Russell Simmons

The hip-hop mogul tells us about the founding of Def Jam Recordings and his dreams for his daughters.

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July 1st, 2011
01:31 PM ET

Getting To Know Secy. Shaun Donovan

We learn what it feels like to be the government's "designated survivor" from the HUD Secretary.

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