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November 16th, 2014
12:40 PM ET

Does Obama have the legal authority?

Does President Obama have the legal authority to use executive action on immigration and should he use it?

November 16th, 2014
11:39 AM ET

Can Obamacare survive a GOP Congress?

LZ Granderson, S.E. Cupp, Penny Lee and Mercedes Schlapp on the Obamacare fight and Jonathan Gruber's 'stupid' comments.

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November 16th, 2014
10:58 AM ET

Sen. Durbin: GOP can't have it both ways

Sen. Dick Durbin on immigration bill – says if the GOP 'fails to do it, the President will act, and I will support him.'

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November 16th, 2014
09:53 AM ET

Durbin: Land troops in Syria would be 'serious mistake'

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) says committing U.S. ground troops in Syria would be a 'serious mistake.'

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November 15th, 2014
01:52 PM ET

Why is net neutrality a partisan issue?

CNN's Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter says that President Obama has a polarizing effect on the GOP and some oppose net neutrality because the President supports it.

Tune in to Candy Crowley's interview on net neutrality with Sen. Al Franken Sunday morning at 9a and 12p ET.

November 15th, 2014
01:27 PM ET

Franken: Ted Cruz is 'completely wrong'

Sen. Al Franken says Sen. Ted Cruz 's description of net neutrality as 'Obamacare for internet' is completely wrong.

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Sunday on State of the Union
November 14th, 2014
12:13 PM ET

Sunday on State of the Union

Senator Dick Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, joins Candy for his first post-election interview on the big loss for Dems, and how President Obama can make a comeback in the minds of Americans.

Obama is expected to take executive action on immigration, but how far will he go, is it legal, and how will it ultimately affect millions of Latinos? Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales joins former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, along with Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Xavier Becerra.

Senator Al Franken is here to discuss what he calls “the free speech issue of our time.” It’s called net neutrality, and it has the potential to affect the way you access the Internet.

The second open enrollment period for Obamacare starts on Saturday, but the newly minted Republican majority plans to make repealing the law a top priority. Add in some controversial videos from the law’s architect, and it looks like it’s going to be a long winter. S.E. Cupp, LZ Granderson, Penny Lee and Mercedes Schlapp are here.

Watch State of the Union with Candy Crowley Sunday morning at 9am and noon ET on CNN.

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November 9th, 2014
11:26 AM ET

Senators: 'We can do big things' with divided government

Sen. John Thune and Sen. Chris Murphy on whether the Senate can find compromise with a new GOP majority.

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November 9th, 2014
11:07 AM ET

Congress' New Guard confronts the Old Guard

Members of the new Congressional Class of 2015 talk to Senate and House veterans on the leadership in Congress.

November 9th, 2014
10:43 AM ET

Obama doubling U.S. troops in Iraq

Sen. John Thune and Sen. Chris Murphy discuss President Obama's decision to double U.S. troops in Iraq

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