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This Sunday...
April 18th, 2014
05:49 PM ET

This Sunday...

Senate Dems worried about Obamacare: President Obama says “…Democrats should forcefully defend and be proud” of the Affordable Care Act now that enrollment hits 8 million.  Will that help Democrats save the Senate in November? Candy Crowley breaks down the ObamaCare effect with the DNC’s Mo ElleitheeSean Spicer from the RNC, and political handicapper Stu Rothenberg

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: According to Australia’s Prime Minister, searchers using a robotic submarine to look for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have less than one week to find the wreckage.  Prime Minister Abbott says "If we don't find wreckage, we stop, we regroup, we reconsider." Kim Beazley, Australia’s Ambassador to the United States joins us live in studio.

Iraq and a marathon: Among the 36,000 runners at Monday’s Boston Marathon is Lukman Faily, the Iraqi Ambassador to the United States. He’s running to fund-raise and show solidarity with the victims of terror in Boston and Baghdad.  Iraq’s national elections are less than 2 weeks away, but parts of the country are descending further into chaos. Has war fatigue in the U.S. contributed to instability in the Middle East?

Suicide epidemic: 22 U.S. war veterans kill themselves every day. It’s the silent killer resulting from physical and mental health challenges, financial woes, or what some describe as the “daunting task” of re-assimilating to civilian life.  Sen. John Walsh – the first Iraq War combat veteran to serve in the United States Senate and Tom Tarantino of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America are here with a story that defines an entire generation.

Sunday 9am and 12pm ET

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This Sunday...
April 11th, 2014
06:37 PM ET

This Sunday...

They’re determined to get members of their party elected to the House in the upcoming midterm elections. Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Rep. Steve Israel and Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee Congressman Greg Walden – discuss firing up voters when Congress is as popular as a skunk at a picnic, how race factors into opposition to the Obama administration and whether it would be easier to pass immigration reform if today’s immigrants had freckles, red hair and names like O’Toole.

Plus- a reporter round-up will detail how pings identified potentially from Flight 370’s black box are offering renewed hope that more information will emerge of just what happened to the Malaysian airliner with 239 passengers aboard.

Our political panel this week includes Cornell Belcher, Ron Brownstein and Liz Mair and they’ll dig into the resignation of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Watch Sunday at 9am and Noon ET.

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This Sunday
April 4th, 2014
06:29 PM ET

This Sunday

Her party faces an uphill battle in the 2014 midterms. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi talks about the Democrats’ fight for control of Congress, big money in politics and the double standards women in power face in a Sunday exclusive.

The House Intelligence Committee Republican Chairman Mike Rogers and the committee’s top Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger give their take on a Senate committee’s scathing report about the CIA’s post-9/11 practices.

The Fort Hood shooting is bringing mental health back into the national conversation. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) join us. Plus, as time runs out for Flight 370’s black box pingers, we get the latest on the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

And our political panel this week includes Penny Lee, Corey Dade and Ross Douthat.

Watch Sunday at 9am and 12pm ET.

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Sunday on SOTU
March 28th, 2014
05:50 PM ET

Sunday on SOTU

The riddle of MH Flight 370. Famed compensation attorney Kenneth Feinberg joins us to discuss what the victims’ families can expect. Plus, pilots and investigators on what the mystery means for the future of aviation, and experts in the field of satellites and sonar will help us understand the vastness of the shifting search and recovery efforts.

Senator Dianne Feinstein will tell us what the U.S. intelligence community is saying about the missing jetliner. And, as Russian troops gather along Ukraine’s border, the senator will discuss if anything can be done to diplomatically deal Vladimir Putin. Plus, reactions to the NSA reforms and the ramifications of the CIA removing classified documents from her staff’s computers.

Former U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte will talk about military and economic support for Ukraine.

Governor Jay Inslee joins us from Arlington, Washington where rescue workers are losing any hope of finding dozens of people still missing after a deadly mudslide.

And our political panel this week includes Bill Burton, Kevin Madden, Darlene Superville.

Watch Sunday 9am and 12pm ET.

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Sunday on SOTU
March 21st, 2014
07:12 PM ET

Sunday on SOTU

The long wait for answers about what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 pushes into its third week. We’ll take a look at what went wrong, plus the potential for new technology to make finding a missing plane easier, from streaming black boxes to real time cockpit audio. We’ll talk with lawmakers – Rep. Patrick Meehan and Rep. Adam Schiff – who have studied the issue and think it’s high time to move beyond the 1960s technology. Plus, we’ll talk with a pilot about what hesitations there may be to the new technology.

With a search area over two million square miles, questions persist if the plane will ever be found. We’ll talk with experts in ocean drift pattern and tide currents to find out what goes into figuring out the clues that can lead to where the plane went down. Plus, underwater search and rescue expert Curt Newport, who helped find the Challenger Space Shuttle and TWA Flight 800, on how they retrieve vital information if and when the plane is found.

And turning our attention to the family members whose loved–ones are missing, we’ll talk with the Reverend Earl Johnson, former National Disaster Spiritual Care Manager for the Red Cross, about what the families of the missing go through during these events.

Then, the breakdown in U.S.- Russia relations may just be starting. We’ll talk with the White House Deputy National Security Adviser, Tony Blinken, about whether there’s a diplomatic way to reset the relationship. Plus, Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright on what the Crimea annexation means for Russia’s cooperation with ending the war in Syria and sealing a deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

And our panel political panel - Newt Gingrich, USA Today’s Susan Page and Neera Tanden – on the White House’s big push to get people enrolled in ObamaCare, and what the March 31st numbers could mean for the numbers in Congress on November 4th.

State of the Union airs Sundays at 9am and noon ET.

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Sunday on SOTU
March 14th, 2014
07:20 PM ET

Sunday on SOTU

What happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 370? John Negroponte, the former Director of National Intelligence helps us separate facts from suspicions.  Plus, in a world where we can find our IPhones on any corner of the planet, why can’t we find a massive passenger jet equipped with the most sophisticated technologies available? Colleen Keller helped find Air France Flight 447, Steven Wallace investigated crashes for the FAA for eight years, and Richard Aboulafia is an expert on the 777. All join us live.

Plus, Commander William Marks joins us on the search and rescue efforts aboard the USS Blue Ridge in the Indian Ocean.

And on the day when Crimea votes to join the Russian Federation or become independent, Arizona Senator John McCain, joins us exclusively hours after he arrives back home from Ukraine.

On this busy Sunday, we’ll also speak with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on the one-year anniversary of the GOP’s 2012 election ‘autopsy.’

Plus, our political panel of Charles Blow, Ana Navarro and Ron Brownstein.

And exclusively at 12pm, has the West run out of options? The British, German, and French Ambassadors to the United States tell us what the West intends to do if Crimea votes to rejoin Russia, and how they think Putin will respond.

State of the Union airs at 9am and Noon Eastern.

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Sunday on State of the Union
March 7th, 2014
03:26 PM ET

Sunday on State of the Union

Will she stay or will she go? The Russian parliament says it supports Crimea in their quest to separate from Ukraine, despite the threat of sanctions and travel bans, and Russia’s Foreign Ministry warns that Russia will retaliate if sanctions are imposed. Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Obama both say they want to preserve the Russian-American relationship, but with Russian troops pouring into Ukraine, and US fighter jets entering the region, how will the standoff end?  We’ll get the latest from the White House’s Deputy National Security Adviser, Tony Blinken.

Plus, with neighbors like these…as Russia moves in to Ukraine, its neighbors to the west worry about the possibility of the same thing happening to them, and beef up their defense systems. The Ambassadors from two former eastern bloc countries – Lithuania and Estonia – join us for a look at security in the region, and if their countries could be next.

Then, Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist says the Republican party has been hijacked by the extreme right. Our Sunday exclusive with the man who went from party insider to persona non grata, on why he supports raising the minimum wage, what he thinks of ObamaCare and why the party’s over for the GOP.

And, our political panel – Donna Brazile, AB Stoddard and Ben Ferguson – on the annual gathering of the Conservative Political Action Committee, who is making it clear that the party has only just begun.

State of the Union airs at 9am and 12noon Eastern on CNN.

Sunday on State of the Union
February 28th, 2014
03:03 PM ET

Sunday on State of the Union

Russia's Parliament signed off Saturday on President Vladimir Putin's request to send military forces into Ukraine, raising the stakes in a quickly escalating game of brinksmanship between the two countries.

Ukraine's ambassador to the United Nations is calling Russia’s actions a clear act of aggression, saying Russian troops are being deployed and increasing "every hour." Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev joins us exclusively for a live interview.

President Obama and Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone for nearly 90 minutes.  Obama’s Former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon will be here to discuss the implications of rising tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

President Obama said that the US supports sovereignty of Ukraine, warning Russian President Vladimir Putin that “there will be costs” for intervening.  Two members of the Senate, Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin and South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham on Russia’s bold move into the Crimean peninsula, and Obama’s bold move to cut the military budget back here at home.

It might have just been a quick lap around the White House with the President, but the Vice President looks to be getting into shape for more than just a West Wing jog. Can Joe Biden finally make it to the finish line in a presidential run, or will Hillary Clinton trip him up. Our political panel – former Obama insider Bill Burton, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report – weigh in on the 2016 contenders.

And in our special noon hour, the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle joins us for a discussion on Putin’s next move and the U.S. response. We’ll also have the latest from CNN reporters here in Washington and around the world.

Sunday 9am and Noon ET.

Sunday on State of the Union
February 21st, 2014
07:02 PM ET

Sunday on State of the Union

Not much is expected to happen in Washington this year with the White House and Congress are focused on midterms.  So the action is in the states.  Govs. Mike Pence (R-IN), Dan Malloy (D-CT), Rick Perry (R-TX), and Jay Nixon (D-MO) join Candy to talk about what’s going on with Obamacare,  the minimum  wage, same-sex marriage and the death penalty.

President Obama tables the idea of Social Security cuts as House Speaker Boehner throws cold water on immigration reform.  We’ll look at how the President and congressional Republicans are playing to their bases, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s reemergence and Ted Nugent’s explosive remarks on the Republican campaign trail with our panel  Robert Costa of the Washington Post, Democratic Strategist Penny Lee, and the National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru.

Plus,  actor Joe Morton of ABC’s “Scandal” talks with Candy about whether the hit show reflects the realities of Washington, Hollywood’s depiction of the African American experience, and what he thinks about President Obama.

Watch Sunday at 9 am and Noon ET.

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Sunday on State of the Union
February 6th, 2014
06:45 PM ET

Sunday on State of the Union

Janet Napolitano, head of the U.S. delegation to Russia and former Secretary of Homeland Security, joins us from Sochi to discuss ongoing Olympic security concerns.

And joining us in studio- a trio of Russian and political experts on Putin, Obama, and if Russian Security forces are prepared for the challenges facing them over the next two weeks with former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, diplomat Nicholas Burns, and Russian expert Dimitri Simes.

Plus, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden hit the campaign trail in states where Obama’s name is a poison pill for Democrats, the anti-Washington sentiment threatening to derail the careers of long-time Senators, and new polls showing Americans think Republicans are out of touch with women. CNN Contributors Cornell Belcher, Ana Navarro, and A.B. Stoddard, Associate Editor for The Hill newspaper make up this week’s political panel.

Watch State of the Union with Candy Crowley Sunday at 9am and Noon ET.

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